Project Record Keeping Checklist - Click Here

This form lists the recordkeeping requirements of Section 745.86(7) for work performed under the lead RRP rule as required under Section 745.85. In completing this form check those items which pertain to a particular job and use “N/A” to note when a requirement does not pertain to your work. Note on the check list items that need to be provided to the owner and/or occupants. Note that records must be kept a minimum of three years following completion of a project.



Pre-Renovation Education Documentation - Click Here

This form is to be completed to document that you provided or attempted to provide a copy of Renovate Right to the owner and /or occupants of the child-occupied facility   Renovate Right is included in these documents in PDF format, so that you may provide it to owners and/or occupants via e-mail.


Test For Lead-Based Paint Documentation - Click Here

This form is to be completed only when you test paint for lead using LeadCheck Swabs with Catalog # PB-2M.  If you use some other test kit, remember to change that item on this form.



Worker On-The-Job Training Hands-On Skills Assessments - Click Here

This form is to be used by a Certified Renovator for documenting hands-on training for workers.  You may want to document on-the-job training further with a sign-in sheet and retaining copies of all training materials used


Note : We provide these forms believing that they will help you meet the minimum requirements of the RRP rule for project recordkeeping, but we make no implied or expressed guarantees or warrantees.