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Work Involving the Removal of Asbestos-Containing Material

Lead Abatement and Lead-Safe Renovation Training

Building Inspector Training Asbestos-Containing Materials

Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor

K-12 School Personnel Training



Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor

According to the EPA, a lead inspection is a surface-by-surface investigation of all painted surfaces, interior and exterior, in a child-occupied facility for the presence of lead-based paint and the provision of a report. A risk assessment is an onsite investigation of a child-occupied facility for lead-based paint hazards and includes, but is not limited to, a visual inspection; limited environmental sampling of dust, soil, and deteriorated paint, and a report of the results that indentifies acceptable control strategies.

All persons who perform lead inspections must successfully complete a three-day course that uses the EPA approved curriculum All persons who perform risk assessments must successfully complete the lead inspection course and successfully complete a two-day risk assessor course that uses the EPA approved curriculum.

Our courses meet the requirements of the EPA for the accreditation of persons who perform lead inspections and risk assessments. We are accredited by the State of Ohio and meet Ohio’s requirements for licensing in either discipline. Ohio requires additionally that applicants for licensing as either an inspector or risk assessor take and pass a third-party examination to receive a license. We attempt to prepare our course participants for the third-party examination. Note that receiving a license as a risk assessor will qualify individuals to perform lead inspections.

Anyone maintaining Licenses in Ohio for Lead Inspector or Risk Assessor must complete a one-day refresher course within two years of the deadline of the last course attended.

These courses also currently meet the licensing or certification requirement of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia


Note that Ohio requires an additional two-day management planner course to become certified in Ohio to perform inspections for asbestos-containing material.